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Ermilia has been so welcomed and supported by bloggers, we’d love to help promote you now. We are inviting artists, photographers, and anyone else to post images of Blind Sight character Odette Reyes. We already have some wonderful submissions which can be viewed in our gallery.

Odette Reyes
Odette Reyes is the main character whose story spans both volumes of the first book. Blind from birth, her ability to draw is abnormal even for the magical world of Edaion where she and her brother find themselves after mysteriously ripped from their life in Spain. Our first gallery is dedicated to her.

Odette is a sixteen year old with straight medium brown hair that falls just past her shoulders. Freckles cross her nose and cheeks on an olive skin tone and we would like her blindfolded.  Abstract images and photography are encouraged as much as realism. For an optional challenge, you may draw eyes over the blindfold as if embroidered or printed on the fabric.  Your submission may be in any medium and does not need to be in color.

The rules:

  • Must be original work.
  • You must have the rights to post the work and by submitting it, you give us permission to use it in the gallaries.
  • Post links to images as comments with a name or username which you would like credited and a link to your blog or Facebook page if you would like it posted.  If you need a site to upload the images to, try tinypic or photobucket.
  • by submitting your work, you agree to all of the terms above and may not withdraw your submission once it has been posted.
We look forward to your submissions!