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Still Missing by Chevy Stevens
8 out of 10

This book was great. I experienced the novel through an audiobook and it was captivating, brutal and haunting. I am rarely the person who picks a novel about an abduction because the topic makes me want to strangle the perpetrator so much I become fueled with rage. But this one intrigued me and I am glad I chose to follow it through.

This book does not end with the experiences of Annie O’Sullivan, a 32 year old Realtor,ย  who was kidnapped by a psychopath for a year. It tells the story from the future, the kidnapping a past event and Annie attempts to restore normality into her life after the trauma of being kidnapped. Often books we read cover the most “exciting” part of the story and then it’s over. This story takes it further and I am so glad it does because the ending is pure genius. I always admire books that finish on a strong, dazzling ending. think the final sentence of a book is like the final touch, a bundle of words that (if carefully chosen) will deliver the final punch. This story definitely satisfied my “last sentence fetish”. The ending is dark, just the way I like it.

While the main characters were alive with depth some of the more peripheral characters appeared as “fillers”. The characters felt like the glue, holding the novel together whereas the plot is what truly gripped me and kept me reading. The beauty of the novel also arises from watching Annie’s transformation due to the experiences she’s had to endure. The use of “flashbacks” was effectively executed creating a rich atmosphere of intrigue. Even though you know that Annie escapes the kidnapper at some point, the journey to that escape is thrilling regardless. To me, that illustrates the strength of the plot.

The entire story flows from one conflict to the next without boring you or feeling like a drag. The juxtaposition of Annie’s kidnapping back story and her recovery front story keeps every chapter fresh. The novel is full of lethal twists and emotionally satisfying scenes. It has blended the horror, action and emotion of Annie’s kidnapping, living with “The Freak” andย  trying to reclaim the person Annie once was after escaping. Just when she thinks the worst is behind her, life takes a nasty turn.

The gripping, raw and poignant novel is a great read.

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