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How to be a Complete Jack Ass
by Jeff Packer

What do 1000 Ways to Die, the Darwin Awards, 101 fun things to do at Walmart, and Jeff Packer’s book have in common?  Each involves actions by others that are hilarious when happening at a distance, but I don’t want them done anywhere near me.  They make me laugh and cringe, sometimes at the same time.  Like the list of 101 Walmart pranks, it is a very quick read, perfect for when you want a laugh, but don’t have time to be drawn into a story.  Some are funny, some are gross, and some are inappropriate for young audiences if the title was not enough to clue you in.

While his goal is just to make readers laugh, beware. Some of his inspiration came from working in a restaurant and many of us have heard enough horror stories about those to never want to eat out again.

How to be a Complete Jack Ass is a list of actions ranging from rude to dangerous. Others… well I’m really not sure.  Here are some examples:

#181. Put used chewing gum in other people’s keyboards.

#145. Buy a $5000 computer just to play solitaire.

#233. Light a cigarette at a gas station.

My only concern is that people are actually going to try these things, so let me reiterate, it’s funny… when it’s not in my vicinity.  Not all of them are dangerous, but most of them are horribly inappropriate and if caught, will get you fired.  I don’t remember which number it was, but one of them was shaving your nether regions in the office sink.

This was Jeff’s first book, so what does he have coming up next?  He was juggling three projects last I spoke with him, a sequal, another “humor book,” and a possible nonfiction piece.

His book was recently released in paperback in addition to the original e-book format and can be found on Amazon.com.

 -Eliabeth Hawthorne

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