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The Girl Effect, as stated in a previous post, is a wonderful charity. Their aim is to eradicate poverty and they believe this can be done through girls. I felt like writing a post about this to support the wonderful work and goal they are apart of.

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Are women the key? Maybe they are. As a woman I would like to think that we are the key to solving poverty and eradicating the mistreatment and abuse of girls. Personally, I believe a single gender cannot be the key and men/boys are just as important in eradicating poverty and cruelty. Who are often the perpetrators of violence, child marriages and restricting women’s rights? Are men to blame? Men are not to blame because in many third world countries (and first world) there are negative role models (e.g. parents), obscure traditions and beliefs (men are superior to women, the boys grow up with this belief just like we may grow up with knowing the sky is blue) and often foreigners exploit the people and young children for their own, perverted gain; the adults in that society may see that as an opportunity to make some money to survive. On the other hand there are some adults, some men and some women who are full of malice and the girls are the victims. Not a single gender is to blame and no single gender can free us. I believe it’s a collaborative struggle and without both parties desiring to make good of the world there is only so far we can go.

With all that said I think the Girl Effect is amazing, and I also think it’s a great way to take steps forward to make this place a better one. Women may not be the key, men may not always be the villains but children (and in particularly girls) are often the victims of varying levels of abuse. They are the underrepresented, the silenced and the beaten. They are not provided a voice, an education and sometimes not even a supportive family. Even families that are “supportive” can arrange marriages that the girls do not wish to take part in or restrict her role in society.

There are charities for poverty worldwide, for the homeless and to save the rain forests. There are charities to find the cure to cancer, to fight against animal cruelty, to save the turtles and for obscure endangered animals. They all share similar goals, they want to change the world for the better and they believe that their cause is important.  Why do I support the Girl Effect? Because their goal is important, it’s our daughters, sisters, mothers, aunts and grandmothers. By helping women you are helping their children, their brothers, and so forth. Giving women a chance, a voice, that can change the world for the better. Maybe women aren’t the key but if there are charities for spotted whales then there should be a hundred more for the girls of our world. They can make a difference.

Who else agrees?

– Ermisenda Alvarez

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Here is an interesting protest image about poverty. What do you think?

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