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“Rejection isn’t failure.  Failure is giving up.  Everybody gets rejected.  It’s how you handle it that determines where you end up.”

Castle S4E3: “Head Case”

Castle is a comedy about a writer who follows NYPD Muse Detective Beckett around while he writes mystery novels.

Spoilers follow.

In this episode, Castle’s daughter Alexis is rejected for early admission to Stanford. To say she has trouble coping is an understatement.  Near the end of the episode she asks Castle how he does it, how he can stand to have his first rejection letter framed in his office.  Castle replies, “it drives me… That letter reminds me of what I’ve overcome.”

There have been many real life authors who have blogged or written about doing something similar.  One wrote about how his entire wall was covered in rejection letters.  I think I’m going to make a rejection collage with that quote in the center.  But what a wonderful way to look at the world!  We all get knocked down, some of us sooner or more often than others, but even J. K. Rolling got her manuscript rejected multiple times before Harry Potter was published.


What rejections have you had to endure?  What helped you?