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__may imagination rain down on me

*For whatever reason, the clip is not playing in the post.  Click the image to get it to play properly.

A beautiful little clip that I had to share with fellow readers, writers and anyone else who bothers to look. I’m waiting on technology to make reading this interactive, so much could be done but at the same time the beauty of reading is the imagination. If reading had action bits like this, would you still read it?

The beauty of this clip stands on it’s own but let’s think about it further. If we took the idea literally, would it devalue the reading experience for you? How would you react if a new stream of books were published using such interactive clips among the pages? Is this a possible future for books? (I personally don’t think so but it’s interesting to think about. I think the novelty would wear off.)

Does it provoke any thoughts for anyone else? Who else finds this totally AWESOME?

– Ermisenda Alvarez