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BORN SENSITIVE by Aurora Morealist triggered a rant within me (she has a lovely blog, I reccomend it). Well, a rant would be wording it wrong, I’ll call it a discussion.

What is sensitivity to you? It is such a broad concept that many things could be described as sensitivity.

Most people, society in general, would consider me not very sensitive. I rarely cry and do not become terribly attached to most of my friends. I think that kind of sensitivity is referring to neurotiscim, how emotionally stable you are, of which I am very stable. Does this mean I am not sensitive?

Despite being emotionally stable, I believe I am a very sensitive person. I am sensitive to art, meaning and life. I believe I am a sensitive partner and friend. I think the conception that sensitivity has to be coupled with tears, loud expressions or overwhelming feelings is not an accurate one. When we delve into the world of psychology (of which I am currently a student, so what I say may not be accurate but at the moment it is what I have conceived) what we associate with words often dominates the meaning of that word rather than the true significance. I think sensitivity, the way I perceive it, is about how attentive you are (notice the small things as well as large), the ability to extract meaning (to discern some kind of value in nearly everything, whether emotional or not) and the level of interest you hold when dealing with certain situations (do you want to soak up the world around you?). Feelings is a component to sensitivity (in relation to extracted meaning/significance) but someone who wails or rages frequently is not necessarily a sensitive person (to me).

Sensitivity comes in all shapes and colours. I agree that most people underestimate the importance of being sensitive (particularly to life, love and pleasure) because it can be difficult to measure. If they cannot physically see, describe or measure it often people underestimate it’s importance because it may or may not be truth or even relate to them.

Slightly off topic but one thing I loved about the movie Avatar was the importance of sensitivity and connectedness to life of the indigenous race. They were deeply connected to each other, the earth and the animals. That connectedness and subsequent empathy (rather than the other way around) is the essence of sensitivity (to me) and is what humanity needs to strive for to make our world a better place.

Are you sensitive? What kind of sensitivity do you associate with? Is sensitivity the key to a better world for humanity?

– Ermisenda Alvarez