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Saber apagar la cabeza on PlanoCreativo

“Siempre que existe un conflicto entre la razón y la intuición hay que dejarse guiar por la intuición,

la intuición es mucho más sabia que la razón.”

Alejandro Jodorowsky

The post is in Spanish but the image is primarily the focus. Saber apagar la cabeza translates to ‘know how to turn off the mind’. The quote underneath translates to ‘every time there is conflict between reason and intuition let yourself be guided by intuition, intuition is much wiser than reason.’

I felt like it provided some food for thought. I am generally quite a logic, reason-oriented person. I often find it hard to just turn off the mind, most of the time  I don’t want to turn it off. I can also say that there have been times where reason has been in conflict with intuition and sometimes I have let intuition take control. It’s all about context for me. Some things I discard reason like rubbish and at others I discard intuition.

I believe that many people don’t know how to shut off their mind: to relax. It is an important part of life that often I feel is pushed to the side in Western societies. People are bombarded by advertisements, social biases and expectations that life has become this relentless marathon. I personally struggle with the ‘blank mind’ relaxation but I do know how to take the time to think, to take the time to calmly reflect. This is my way of relaxing.

Although it can be so hard to shake off that gut feeling, no matter how strong reason can sometimes be. It is a strange thing, an uncomfortable feeling having reason and intuition collide. With writing it’s primarily all intuition for me and I think that is generally the case with most arts.

What’s your opinion when reason and intuition collide? How do you ‘turn off your mind’?

Ermisenda Alvarez