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Even having two stories sometimes doesn’t give you the full picture.

This post is a continuation of the “__danger of a single story” post by Ermisenda. I’ll repost the video we are discussing for those of you who have not read the first post and watched it:

Willow has grown up in a secluded community. The product of a one night stand born to a nymph mother, Willow has a skewed sampling of the world.  She has watched how the older nymphs interact with humans and watched as some of them grew fat.  They turned into trees and stayed that way until after many months, they return skinny with a baby in their arms and pass it off to one of the elderly who no longer goes out to play with boys.

This was her single story.

Her second story is told to her by her father whom she hunts down after her mother dies.  She asks him where babies come from and since he had no idea he had a daughter until she was twelve years old and went looking for him, he was ill prepared to answer the question.  Awkwardly, he tells her that the woman provides the soil and the man supplies the seed and leaves it at that.

This was her second story.

Combining the two, the following is where Willow thinks babies come from:

A female scoops up some fertile soil and presents it to her chosen mate.  He puts a seed in and they go plant it somewhere safe.  The female eats too much because she is anxious or excited about their baby since they are away from it while it grows out of the ground.  Unable to take the suspence, the to be mother becomes a tree and guards the baby plant until it has matured.  The mother then plucks her favorite baby from the plant and returns to the colony.

Even with a second story, more accurate than the first, our view of the world can still be warped by the unknown.  In our first book, Aniela and Leocardo both interact with the character Theodore and have drastically different opinions of him, but even with two sides of the story, book 2 shows him in yet another light.


If you’re interested in reading more about Willow, she is an RP character I play on the site Dae Luin (account name Willow Tree) For more of her story join the site (no experience required and you don’t have to make a character to join and read) daeluin.net