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Wipeout cracks me up.  America’s Funniest Home Videos makes me cringe.

Ignoring the cute pets and videos where people do not get hurt on AFV, why would I enjoy watching some people splat into a wall or faceplant into mud and then change the channel when AFV comes on?  Simple.  Wipeout, contestants signed up for the abuse.  I assume they watched the show at least once and had some idea what they were getting themselves into and if not, well that’s their fault.  On the other hand, AFV is full of unsuspecting victims.  Some deserve it, the boy jumping off the roof onto a trampoline and many of the daredevils included, but others do not.

At the end of Wipeout, you see the contestant standing, relatively no worse for the wear, but people on AFV could be seriously hurt at the end of the video, we have no idea.  If you’ve signed up to get punched in the face pushed off platforms, I have no problem laughing at you, but I cannot laugh when an elderly woman has their feet pulled out from under her as a dog crashes into her legs or an unbalanced picnic table falls backwards when too many people sit on the same side.

Is that just me?