Ever wonder what runs through people’s heads while they observe you doing something that out of context looks silly?  My family is eccentric and happy to be so.  We do not worry what people are wondering as we sit in Subway with our palms pressed to the table, the three of us leaned over examining each one.

There is a reason for this randomness.

It started when we picked up a conversation about how to keep the mind young.  Both my mom and I have read that it is not good enough to simply exercise your mind on things you enjoy (cross word puzzles, sudoku), you have to learn something new, continue to create new memory pathways in the brain.  My mom suggested she pick up violin.

I’m a violist.  This was not amusing.

However, as a violist, I know the trick to determine which instrument you are suited for.  I pressed my left palm into the table an let my fingers spread naturally.  The angle created between the thumb and index finger determines the instrument.  The smallest angle means you have “violin hands” and if your thumb naturally makes a 90 degree angle with your finger while the palm is pressed down flat, you have “bass hands.” “Cello hands” and “viola hands” fall at angles in between, viola closer to the violin and cello closer to the bass.

The conversation then turned into my parents examining how the skin between my fingers slopes slowly while their’s drops abruptly.  We spent several minutes craning our necks to observe each other’s hands from various angles while enjoying the air conditioning of the restaurant.  Our Texas home lost A/C last night so we’ve been spending as much time as possible anywhere else, and examining our hands is what happens.

Are we alone?  Feel free to share things you or your family has done publicly that observers may question.