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Amazon sons, gifted with similar magic to the Amazons, have kidnapped an Amazon baby.  In the midst of trying to get her back, Amazon queen Zera Kostovska has to compete with a bold, defiant, younger, more tech-savy high priestess named Thea in modern day America.  Zera, who has never used the internet, is uncomfortable with Thea’s less traditional plans and blatant unwillingness to follow orders.

Not having read the first book, Amazon Ink, I did not understand the role of fairy godfathers, especially in the context.  Other than that, Lori Devoti does an excellent job giving enough background information to follow the plot without having to read the first book.  My knowledge of mythology and Greek goddesses in particular helped my understanding of the book, but in some ways hindered my enjoyment.  I am not a fan of dramatic irony; I much prefer to be caught off guard than figure things out before the characters, though I’ll admit I didn’t catch the last twist.

While the fantasy aspects are somewhat downplayed compared to other fantasy novels, Amazon Queen was the first novel I’ve read that  truly put fantasy in the modern world. Characters used the internet, smart phones, and vehicles.  It was a perfect balance.  The story moved quickly and at least once made me chuckle, something I always appreciate.  The characters were real and relatable.  When faced with a moral dilemma, do we continue to follow those in power regardless of their demands? In many ways it reminded me of Monstrous Regiment by Terry Pratchett.  Strong female characters question traditional roles in order to do what they think is right.

4 out of 5 stars.

~Eliabeth Hawthorne

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