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I’ve said before that the aspect of writing most interesting to me is point of view.  I love seeing different character’s takes on the same situation even before memory alters what really happened.  My cat (Jewell) and my dog (Sophie) are a perfect real life example of POV.

They do not get along.  Most of the time, we have Sophie on a leash because when we first found her, she tried to kill Jewell.  Last night, Jewell took a swipe and caught Sophie in the Cautiously, we let them be outside in the back yard together, a realm Jewell thinks she runs but Sophie spends more time in.  We watched nervously as Sophie crept up on Jewell, but after getting a claw to the eye, we hoped she would keep her distance.  Jewell puffed herself up and lunged, hissing and spitting.  Rather than run away in fear, Sophie bounced.  Excitedly.

Bemused, we watched this exchange several times, Jewell ran after Sophie growling and hissing angrily.  If Jewell could kill her, she probably would, but Sophie pranced out of claw’s reach as if to say, “she’s playing with me, she’s playing with me!”

~Eliabeth Hawthorne