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Ermisenda and I are writing modern urban fantasy, but some of our inspiration comes from an unlikely source.  I became fascinated with Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead after reading Hamlet as part of my HS required reading.  Each covers the same time frame from a different POV.  Even more interesting to me was that while Hamlet is a tragedy, the accompanying work by Tom Stoppard is a comedy.  How different a story it became when it followed different characters.

What if instead of reading Harry Potter from Harry’s point of view, we read it from Snape’s?  The book Ermi and I are currently writing is in a format similar to this.  Anyone who has ever dated knows there are two sides to every story, two interpretations to every situation and often two completely different arguments going on at the same time.  Memories become skewed with time so that two people can remember the same event differently.  Playing with this concept, Ermi has written Blind Sight from the perspective of Leocardo Reyes and I have written Blind Sight from the perspective of Aniela Dawson.  The two sides have their own sub plots seperate from the main plot to keep the reader interested in both sides; even when they come together, the characters notice different aspects of the same scene.

Edited on 8/16/11