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Only recently have both Elia and I started our second book of the Edaion series and yet it has been more challenging then we first thought. It can be quite difficult to swap voices from character to character let alone wait anxiously for our manuscript to be analysised. I think that because we haven’t truly tied the final bow on our first book it doesn’t let us totally relax to merge into the second. Regardless it is going well when we do start writing, it’s just that nudge we need.

I don’t know about other authors but I have to have a specific look. Generally I need a massive heading stating something like the title or just simply ‘THE STORY’. Then my story begins with a large chapter font too, but not as large and then size 11pt Iskoola Pota text. I need a sentence break between paragraphs and can’t have indents. All chapters have to be in the one mass document. Why? I have no clue! It’s my ritual of sorts and I feel unnatural writing in other ways. Often I have chosen different fonts for different novels/series and Iskoola Pota is the one for me for the Edaion series.

Elia has a whole different format ritual. Although I can’t write in hers, hers is the best to edit for the final Manuscript. I had to go through and delete my spaces between my paragraphs which was torture (took many hours) until I discovered the glory of paragraph formatting where they do that for me automatically. Even though I knew hers was more convenient I couldn’t stop manually double enter-ing after writing a paragraph. Ultimately I had to make mine look like hers so it could be sent to agents and to get it’s analysis but it wasn’t until that final step forward did I change the formatting. I just couldn’t swap habits.

Do any of our readers have any format rituals?

Ermisenda Alvarez