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Apart from the obvious desire to begin writing on this wonderful blog I really felt like voicing my thoughts on the beginnings of Ermilia, Ermisenda and Eliabeth.

It started in the year 2008 where we met on a Role Playing Site called WORDPLAY based in a magical town that existed within a wall. It was impossible to go beyond the wall and no one spoke of it. A royal family also existed which coincidentally Eliabeth had characters of royal descent. Although it was a very simple plot I chose to join the RPG because I liked small communities, there wasn’t ridiculous word requirements and long applications that needed filling out. It was just about making a group of characters and having fun while playing God.

I still remember that the woman who ran it was funny, flexible and had the mouth of a sailor. It was the laid back community writing site I had been jumping through the others for. I also enjoyed helping out with my graphic design skills and made a header for the site, feeling like I had obtained some extra ‘like’ points from the community. I have always had this desire to be part of something, to be a significant contributor and push things with potential to its limits.

I didn’t take it very seriously. I made primarily evil characters as I have found them to be the most fun in those sites when all users made perfect angels. Aniela was a character made by Eliabeth that had existed in WORDPLAY and so was Leocardo. Leocardo has gone through some radical changes, originally being a dirty evil character who leached the powerful for wealth but the essence of him somehow remained intact. Aniela has also transformed significantly but not nearly as radically as Leocardo.

Myself and Eliabeth communicated originally because of my evil Leocardo and the troublesome sister Tatiana who continued to cause turmoil in Aniela’s life. We loved it, the conflict and drama made it so much more exciting and our role playing increased. Soon we were messaging back and forth through the little PM button discussing bigger plotlines between the characters and the drama’s that were rising. We were enjoying oursleves so much that at one point I suddenly noticed that no one else visited the site, not even the admin except us. This site, this secluded town had become ours to roam with our characters. It was a thousand times better that way.

It was better because we could count on each other. We had each other to message rather than other randoms who might have wanted to intrude and ruin our plans. One day I signed back in but found that the board had been closed. The admin had shut down the board without warning and I had lost all contact with Eliabeth. At first I shrugged and thought that it was an enjoyable phase for melodramatic plots but that I’d simply have to find another site. Sites shut down all the time, particularly role playing ones.

For one reason or the other I wasn’t satisfied. I started to try and get into the site, it was useless. I began going through all my emails I had received as annoying instant reminders of my activity at the site trying to find some contact with Eliabeth. I did. I found one with her email address and spammed it. A while later she responded referring me on to an email address she actively used. We kept talking. We began making our plans to keep on with our melodramatic soap opera.

But I thought otherwise, as did she. We came together to write a two point of view book where we wrote from our character’s perspective. If it became serious, great and if not who cares. We should give our mindless role playing some structure and a wash. Take out the melodrama and create a powerful series with strong character development. We did. We loved it. We kept writing and formulating. Two years later we finished our first edition of our Edaion series. We are already starting our second. Without either of us it would not have been created. It is the perfect hybrid of ideas, it’s very Ermilia.

That was the beginning, and this blog is another step together.

– Ermisenda Alvarez